Shepherd Persuasive Speech

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Australian Shepherd dogs are gorgeous animals with beautiful fur and soulful eyes. They are especially adorable as puppies, but they also sometimes tend to wreak havoc on your home as they learn the “ways of the world.” How can you make sure that your puppy learns how to behave? What should you be doing to help them to leave your home and furniture alone and how can you make sure that your dog is a healthy and happy pup?
Australian Shepherds are fabulous animals that are considered to be some of the most intelligent dogs and they are very protective and loving with their families. Keep in mind that they need attention and entertainment to behave well and you should also make sure that they socialize with other dogs and humans from a young age.
To help you discover more about this breed and what they need, we have compiled information on the needs of young Australian shepherd puppies and also
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From shoes to furniture, many Australian Shepherd owners have questioned why they do this.
Why do they like to chew?
A puppy chewing up your house and everything you own can be caused by several reasons. Many people blame puppies chewing on teething, but sometimes it can be due to another cause. If your dog feels anxious about you leaving them every day, he may take to chewing on your things.
Sometimes when Australian Shepherds don’t get enough playtime, they may start chewing as a way to get their energy out and “attacking” your home is their way of playing. Other reasons may be that they have medical issues, so if your dog is continuously chewing everything in your home, you may want to take them to the vet.
Of course, your puppy’s need to chew on everything could be due to their teething pain, which can be easily remedied by investing in some quality chew toys that they will want to play with instead of chewing up your

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