Sherando Warrior-Personal Narrative Analysis

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The thought of wasting the last two weeks of my summer before ninth grade for band camp was a real bummer. Although I met some of the best people there and it truly changed my life, it did not seem the best waking up at seven o’clock every morning. Getting my schedule in the middle of band camp was not the best because I immediately wanted to go into the school and route my classes, but marching up and down a grassy field was stopping me. I remember getting sick to my stomach when I went home and looked at my schedule before the first time because it was just then hitting me that I was going to be a freshman at Sherando High School. Ninth grade was by far one of my best years. First, it really easy for me because I did not push myself, and…show more content…
It was finally my time to shine and then I would be heading off into a new chapter of my life. It was honestly the most exciting, but scariest feelings when I would think about it. In less than a year I would be walking across the stage on the football field and saying my goodbyes to my fellow seniors. The school year was really relaxed though, I did take the more advanced classes, but since I had taken them previously, I was used to all the pressure and the amount of work that was thrown at me. Yeah, some classes were more difficult than others, but I knew how to cope with the crying every once in awhile and slight depression from the amount of stress. The stress of the classes and work pushed me to succeed and make myself a better person, so the person I am today is because I was pushed by various teachers and the outcome of how I dealt with the multiple…show more content…
For starters, I learned that people are going to try to put you down, but you just need to learn how to pick yourself back up and not listen to them. I realized about halfway through junior year that life is always moving at a very fast speed and I just needed to go with the flow because if I tried to go backwards and go against the crowd, it was not going to work that well. One of my biggest lessons during high school was that I also noticed that all friendships don 't last and that things are going to change. I lost my one of my best friends during the summer after junior year, and things were very different. The change was for the better, but I realized that people do change and they don’t act they way they used to. Life goes on and things will change, but people will have to get used to that and just accept the
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