Sheraton Hotel Case Study

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A brief description of company’s history
Sheraton Hotels and Resorts replace the designation of certain hotels and created a new, upscale hotel brand Four Points by Sheraton Hotels in April 1995. In year 1998, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts acquired by Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc. Starwood restarts to managed Four Points by Sheraton. Four points by Sheraton Hotels had nearly 200 hotels in more than 30 oversea countries. Four Points is undergoing record to growth with 120 hotels in the pipeline by Marriott International, Inc. This hotel also have process a "Best Brews Program" from a chief beer officer named Scott Kerkmans, who selects the Craft beer to serve in their hotels. Then, this hotel in Puchong also have a "Best Brews Program"
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This is because the front office is an area where guests will arrive and first encounter a staff at a place of business. The front office is the first impression of the hotel, they help to develop an impression for guests and guests will come back again to the hotel if they satisfy the service of the company. This is very important because this will directly influence the decision and view towards the company. For receptionist they have to greeting guest, handling the special request, handling the check in and check out hotel, providing the information to guests and assigning rooms and dispensing guest’s room keys. The responsibility of front office is to deal with all guests question and request. The responsibility of receptionist in the front office is to receive all the information from guests and then pass on the information to the relevant department within the hotel. Front office actually is related to the service delivery system where employees of the front office have to engage with guests and then pass the request of the need of guests to the relevant department. The responsibilities of the concierge at the front office are to provide personal service which helps the guests to arrange, planning, organizing their tours, and also help guests to book tickets. The responsibilities of telephone operators are to stay at the back office to answer the…show more content…
In Four Point hotel, the front office has ready 3 front desks and cashier for guests to check in or check out from the hotel. This is the place where guests will first arrive in the hotel. A reception area is a place for reservation, check in or check out from the hotel, place of the customer making requests for their needs. The cashier at front desk is to receiving the payment from the customer, handling credit or debit cards for the settlement of the guest account. Its also an administer of the safe deposit system. For the back office of this hotel is a place of staff answer call. Front office manager and assistant manager will work inside. And there is also two whiteboard for writing the average daily room, occupancy rate, arrival, departure and also forecast three days

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