Sheriff Bell Determinism

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Determinism and natural law, two worldviews that stand on opposite sides of the earth. People that value determinism see life as a one way track where any effort made still leave the final destination the same. An individual’s choices will lead to somewhere, but there is nothing they can do to influence whether or not they make that certain choice. In opposition, those who believe in natural law see that the actions of the individual have an influence on the outcome on the outcome of their life. These actions follow their morals, which come from introspection and experience. Chigurh embodies the idea of determinism, while Sheriff Bell embodies the idea of natural law. Sheriff Bell embodies the idea that morals and choices determine who people…show more content…
The perception he holds revolves around the idea that people 's lives have lead them to him and that their path must end in death once they encounter him. Sometimes he will flip a coin on their life, stating that fate has already determined whether or not the coin toss will end in them dead or alive. Most of the time before he kills his victims, Chigurh will remind them that every decision they make in their life leads them to this moment. Stating that it is not his decision to kill them, fate has brought them to his feet so that they may die. Also, whenever Chigurh faces the prospect of dying, he expresses neither worry nor anger. While Moss points a gun at him, his only reaction is to accept the situation and allows whatever is meant to happen, happen. This is the epitome of determinism, holding onto a blind faith that the future is incapable of being any different. Believing that any effort to fight it will be futile. In summary, each individual holds onto a certain perception of the world. Whether it focuses on personal morals or blind fate. Chigurh and Bell embody these opposing theories through their actions in the novel. Actions that they believe are the right thing to do. Needless to say, we will never determine if these views are wrong or
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