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BRIEF SYNOPSIS: SHERIFF RODNEY WARD (53) runs the sheriff’s office in San Bernardino. He’s baffled when an accountant, AARON YEATES (32), walks in to the sheriff’s department and confesses to punching a police officer. Yeates claims he was pulled over by a deputy in Chiriaco Summit for no reason and that the officer pulled his gun on him, causing Yeates to fear for his safety. Yeates punched the deputy and took off. Sheriff Deputy, BUDDY, a rookie on probation, questions Yeates and discovers that the deputy that he hit was Kowalski; a hot-tempered cop that no one really likes. Yeates identifies his picture. The mystery grows when Kowalski is found dead by his police cruiser. Yeates claims he didn’t know he killed him. The cruiser videotape is missing. A coroner believes that he was punched in the nose so hard that his nose hit his brain, killing him.…show more content…
Buddy is eager to break the case wide open. Without permission, he interrogates Yeates, but is caught by Deputy ADRIAN. TOM CARROLL (45) shows up at the sheriff’s department claiming to be Yeates’ attorney. They meet. Yeates tells Tom that he was supposed to meet his “contact” but his contact never arrived, but when he was pulled over by Kowalski, he thought Kowalski was his contact. Yeates was acting as a drug mule, transporting heroin, when he hit Kowalski. Yeates doesn’t want to come out. He’s been undercover for seven years. It’s his chance to get deep into the Mexican cartel. Yeates believes Kowalski was working with a partner and he wants to find out who this is. He suspects Buddy. Buddy brings in a CRIMINAL (28) and locks him up in a cell near Yeates. The criminal begins to questions Yeates. The criminal claims he was Yeates real contact. The investigation takes a wrong turn when the Sheriff discovers that the criminal is really GOMEZ, a sheriff working undercover trying to get Yeates to confess, but instead Gomez ends up beating

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