Sheriff Joe Arpaio Research Paper

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio is known as the toughest Sherriff in America. Setting up tents outside for overcrowding known as "Tent City," two meals a day instead of three, the meals tasting like junk, charging for flavor. It is harsh and unethical punishments. His toughness has affected the inmates in many ways. So we ask the question, did it help prevent re-offending?
Sheriff Arpai 's toughness extended out toward the minority groups especially Latino men. TV cameras watched as 200 Latino men were shackled together and marched to what became of "Tent City," which was an outdoor unit especially for "illegal alien" inmates. It was considered a "concentration camp" to which Sheriff Arpaio called his own "tough on crime creation." Inmates slept under these tents four months at a time through any weather including Arizona 's heat of 130F to colds of 41F. The inmates were discriminated against due to the fact they could not speak the language, they were different in color, and they were "illegals" An inmate at the facility Jaime Valdez spent 4 months of 2012 in the separated outdoor units. He states, "They mocked us for not speaking the language,” Valdez says of the jail guards. “We would talk to them and they ignored us” (Valdez). There were holes in the tents that let winds, rain, which drenched bedding, clothing,
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However, I believe it is the inmate 's life choices that determine whether they re-offend or not. Latino 's would most likely re-think before re-offending due to the racial profiling that was done in the jail. Some may say the harsh circumstances that Sheriff Arpaio provided were inhumane and humiliating to the inmates. The Tent City was widely known worldwide, and deterred others from committing a crime; in order to, not end up in the
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