Sheriff's Children And Saga Literary Analysis

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Elements of Fiction Exam The short story, The Sheriff’s Children by Charles W. Chesnutt and the graphic novel, Saga written by Brain K. Vaughan and illustrated by Fiona Staples have many similarities despite their differences in written style. Both stories are centered around interracial and interspecies relationships during times of segregation and tensions between the two groups of people and species. The stories have the main protagonists that harbor secrets that would be frowned upon by others in their societies or threaten their lives. Finally, both works of fiction have elements of outrage and the search for a mixed child for different reasons. In both The Sheriff’s Children and Saga, the protagonists in these stories involved themselves…show more content…
Tom, the mixed sheriff’s son in Chestnutt’s, is jailed for accusations of murdering a white man. Outraged by the death of their friend, the townspeople of Branson wanted to see Tom lynched for the murder. “The crowd decided to lynch the Negro. . . .They had some vague notions of the majesty of the law and the rights of the citizen, but in the passion of the moment these sunk into oblivion; a what man had been killed by a Negro.”( Chestnutt 3). In Saga, the Wreath government calls a freelancer assassin to find Marko and Alana to kill them and bring baby Hazel back unharmed. “Regardless of the parentage, we’re talking about an infant. In order to collect your completion payment in full, you’ll need to deliver us their orphan alive and unharmed.” (Vaughan). The Wreath government hired multiple freelancers to track down and find the family, all with the objective to kill Alana and Marko and bring back Hazel “alive and unharmed. Although, the short story The Sheriff’s Children and the graphic novel Saga at first glance may appear to be two completely different stories, they have many elements in common. Both stories contain interracial or interspecies relationships which results in a mixed child in times of tension between two groups, secrecy that threatens the protagonists’ lives and the search for the mixed
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