Sherlock Holmes Compare And Contrast Essay

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Sherlock Holmes is one of the best fictional detectives ever, but maybe someone else could take his place. Tobias also known as Four, also had great success in finding and managing to collect facts about one of the most politically powerful person in the book series Divergent. Four and Sherlock are both detectives but through there settings, supporters, background, personality, and occupation they are drastically different. Four grows up in the city of Chicago in the far off future. His city is constantly monitoring his every move through cameras located throughout the Chicago. In this city are fractions that have different goals and morals. They each have different visions for the city and this eventually leads to a war. Because of all this he is greatly prohibited from going to certain places and he has to watch his back all the time. Sherlock Holmes however lives in London. He is able to go anywhere he want and is not a target of the government. When he was on the…show more content…
Four grew up in an abusive family. He had to take his mother 's death at a young age. His faction believes in violence and bravery. All these things changed him in a way that makes him act fast and most of the time he does it physically. Tobias gets his information by brute force, altho he is still smart and solves his bigger problems intellectually. Because he is strong he is always acting on his findings. He doesn’t sit back and watch, but instead saves people using his strength and the information he gathers. Sherlock doesn’t have to act as much. He doesn’t have to flee or fight. If the case calls for physical force, he can leave it up to Dr. Watson or he can eir someone to do it for him. Holmes usually collects information and facts, then goes and ponders on them until he can make an educated decision. Both characters however are introverts. They don’t like big parties and don’t have many friends. This makes them tense at times or

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