Sherlock Holmes Guilty For Dr. Roylott's Suicide

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Sherlock Holmes was not guilty for killing criminal Dr. Roylott. Towards the end of “The Adventure of the Speckled Band”, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr. Roylott croaked after being bitten by his venomous pet snake. Sherlock Holmes was not responsible for Roylott’s death as he was hired to protect Helen Stoner. Additionally, it came as a priority for Sherlock Holmes to defend himself from the virulent swamp adder. Moreover, Sherlock Holmes had no way of knowing that Dr. Roylott would be bitten by the Ophidian. Although Dr. Roylott ended up dying, Sherlock Holmes still fulfilled his duties by ensuring that no harm was brought to Helen Stoner. Helen’s sister, Julia, died a fortnight before her wedding of unknown causes. With Helen’s upcoming wedding, it was possible that she might have shared a similar fate to her sister. The night before Julia expired, she told Helen that she…show more content…
However, Sherlock Holmes could not have known Dr. Roylott’s location at that given instant to ensure that the snake did not bite him. For example, there was a wall separating Julia’s room from Dr. Roylott’s room; therefore, it would have been impossible to identify the location of Dr. Roylott in his room. Additionally, Dr. Roylott must have attempted to murder Helen numerous times before as he trained the snake with the use of milk. All of the other times Dr. Roylott carried out his plan, he managed to not get killed; it was questionable as to why Dr. Roylott died that time in particular. Additionally, it did not make sense that Dr. Roylott sat in the chair for it seemed as if he brought his own death upon himself. Obviously, it was common sense that one should not sit under the opening from where a highly poisonous snake came through. Overall, it was clear that Sherlock Holmes was in no way responsible for the death of cruel Dr.
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