Sherlock Holmes Medical Experiment

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Murder linked to illegal experiments conducted by Baskerville scientist
Twenty years ago Henry’s father was killed in Dewer 's Hollow; the body was never found. Henry who was just a little boy at the time said, “ I thought a hound killed my father, I saw its red eyes , and sharp long teeth I will never forget it.” Doubting what he saw and wanting to know the truth Henry desperately asked for Mr. Holmes help. Sherlock Holmes, the famous privet detective agreed to take the case in a hope of a new adventure. When Holmes was asked about the hound he replied “ Don 't be ridiculous, there is no hound!, we were all drugged.” With special conditions Mr. Holmes was able to enter Baskervil army base lab. In Baskavil Sherlock started to investigate his theories, until he found out about the H.O.U.N. D project.
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When was tested the drug did not have the expected results and in 1982 the use of it in any content was forbidden. Dr. Frankland one of the members in the H.O.U.N.D project did not stop experimenting the drug; he secretly conducted illegal experiments at baskerville.
The incredible detective Sherlock Holmes was able to figure out that Henry 's father was murdered by Dr. Franklin and that the drug was hidden in the fog at Dewers Hollo.
Once again we should all thank Mr. Holmos for making our world a better place. Illegal experiment or a murder one thing is for sure, we are all safer when Mr. Holmos is
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