Speckled Band Sherlock Holmes Analysis

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The story begins with the King of Bohemia visiting one of the private detectives in the town known as Sherlock Holmes. The King was engaged and was to get married, but there was a possibility of exposure of his earlier romantic affair with Irene Adler. Adler had prepared to expose the King using the picture which she had taken with him while in the affair. All the techniques employed by the King to access the photo failed, and that was the reason he decided to use the services of Sherlock Holmes. (Shin, Halle par 1). As a retainer, Holmes was given £1000 a huge amount meaning compared to regular salary. Holmes started the task immediately by visiting Adler in her home pretending to be a witness to oversee the Adler's marriage. With Watson as his accomplice, Holmes organizes a robbery meant to rob Adler. Pretending to be a Good Samaritan, Holmes saves Adler although he's "hurt" in the process. A sign of sympathy, Adler takes Holmes in her house…show more content…
In the short story, women have been portrayed as vulnerable people who are poor cannot be able to determine their destiny. (Farghaly, Nadine 5) This is evidenced at the time when the sister to Helen Stoner was killed in "Speckled Band" and Miss Rucastle being locked up in "The Cooper Beeches". However, there are few women such as Hatty Doran and Irene Adler who were able to determine their fate and whose independence shocked many. The third theme is the theme of society and class. Sherlock Holmes states on numerous occasions that the status of the customers he usually serves is not much essential to him than the interest of the issues they present him. Also, actually, we see him connecting with an extensive variety of social classes, from Peterson, the hotel representative, who offers him the astounding goose in "The Blue Carbuncle," to the amazingly class-cognizant Lord St. Simon in "The Noble Bachelor." So Holmes is really fair and believes in uniformity among

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