Sherlock Holmes Summary

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Chapter 1 Analysis

From the first chapter, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle creates an atmosphere of mystery and suspense, and we are curious to know the problem that Dr.Mortimer is expected to present to Sherlock
Holmes.Very briefly, the author introduces us to the kind,amiable and eager character of
Dr.Watson and the logical,scientific and incisive character of Holmes.
Besides Holme’s keen intelligence and deductive powers,we also realize that Holmes is aware of his abilities,and considers himself the best in the field.It is noticeable as to how quickly,he takes offence if his ego is touched.The writer has added the human angle by showing his strengths as well as weak points,and excessive pride.

Chapter 2 Analysis

In this chapter, the author takes us back to the 17th century,and creates an atmosphere of terror and menace by retelling the tale of Hugo and the hound and the curse of the Baskervilles.
Sherlock Holmes,remains cool and collected through it all ,and is hardly touched by the excitement generated by the ghostly legend.Bringing the reader back to the main mystery of Sir
Charles death it is retold by Dr Mortimer with references to the legend of the Hound on one hand,in the detective story mysteries are solved by giving scientific evidence proof and on the other hand the author may build up the suspense with the help of other ghostly
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