Sherlock Holmes: The Value Of Science

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“Without application in the world the value of knowledge is greatly diminished.” Consider this claim with respect to two areas of knowledge.
Swedish comedian Jesper Rönndahl hosted a radio show a few years ago. The main topic of discussion of the show was science and knowledge, and especially the value of it. While circulating around the issue of science being neglected, he exemplified his worries with doctors in 19th century Vienna. These respected and well-educated gentlemen namely refused to accept the newest information on bacteria, which led them to go from the morgue to the birth clinic without washing their hands. As a result of the doctors ignoring the facts, thousands of mothers and newly-born children died. Rönndhal, obviously a
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Several societies and clubs have been formed in dedication to him, whose members call themselves either Holmesians or Sherlockians (I am not sure of the difference between them). Many articles and thesis have been published by Sherlock Holmes scholars, who take an empirical approach to their investigation on the character and his world, which makes the science of Sherlock Holmes similar to natural science. The main difference is however that while natural science, as I have stated, is generated to be applied in the world, Holmes-science carries value in itself. It is, so to say, knowledge for the sake of knowing, that is interesting to Holmesians and Sherlockians without serving higher purposes or being applied in the…show more content…
I personally developed a great interest in Sherlock Holmes when I was about 12 years old, needless to say a very confusing and changing time in a young person’s life. My interest in Holmes, his mental capabilities, the adventures he found himself in, as well as his deep friendship with Doctor John Watson, played a key part in my own development as a human and social being. When confronted with a logical problem, I tried my best to think like Holmes. When improving my oral English skills, the on-screen Holmes was my tutor. Before every gym lesson, I reminded myself that even Sherlock Holmes, the otherwise so intellectual sleuth, was a great athlete. In my world, the Holmes-related knowledge was applied to an enormous extent, proving that all knowledge is applied, but only carries value if it is applied in the right context. Climate science may very well serve as a good discussion topic for scientists, but it is not on a personal level that it should be applied to fulfill its
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