Summary Of 'Murder In Final-Pal Manor'

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Murder in Final-Pall Manor
Lord and Lady Mortuary lived all their married lives in Final-Pall Manor until someone violently ended his life at 75 by pushing him off his own balcony. He was a pompous man who made several enemies in his little village in Essex.
He was never very close to his family and he disagreed with many of his servants too. So why was he killed in such an impulsive way?

Study the profiles Sherlock Holmes made of the four principal suspects. Then, listen to the information in the audio to take notes. Finally, work with a partner to figure out who killed Lord Mortuary.

Lady Mortuary: The wife
She is 65 years old, very frail and losing touch with the world. But it doesn't stop her from behaving like a real lady with exquisite
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Indicate if the sound you hear is / ɛ / or / æ /. The first is done for you. / ɛ / / æ /. bland/blend cattle kettle dab /deb flax /flecks frat /fret rabble /rebel tamp /temp tamper/ temper trad /tread vat /vet

H: Wesley and Clay are talking about some books they have read. Listen and practice.

Clay: Hey, Wesley, the novel you lent me was amazing! I didn’t expect the end. Where did you get it? I want to but more Conan Doyle’s books.
Wesley: Oh, it was given to me by an uncle of mine. He got me into the reading habit.
Clay: Really! I can see why. It’s a real page turner. What should I read next?
Wesley: Well, other book was give to me by a teacher of ours. It’s also a mystery. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.
Clay: A teacher? Are you sure?
Wesley: Definitely, trust me in this one. You won’t regret it!

Work with a partner and role play the dialog then, swap places. Then, try different ideas and situations.

A: Hey, _____, the _________ you lent me was ______! Where did you get it? I want to ______.
B: Oh, it was given to me by ______ of _______. He/she ______________.
A: Really! I can see why. It’s _______________. What
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