Sherlock Jr Analysis

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Sherlock Jr is the silent film by shot and acted by Buster Keaton in 1924. It tells a story: after framed as a thief and unsuccessfully to save their reputation in reality, the protagonist becomes the famous detective saves the heroine and penetrates crime in the dream. Again back to reality, the heroine finds the truth, and they are happily reunited together. The film surprises its audiences from the beginning to the end, the blending of reality and dream make the protagonist’s dream come true. In reality, the protagonist wears the ordinary dress, work as the film projectionist. From this view, his economic statue is no steady, and even can be described as bad. He can’t even afford to pay for the 4 dollars chocolate, so he only affords to buy the…show more content…
While the protagonist tries to help find out the criminal who steals the golden watch in his girlfriend’s house, it turns out that he is framed to be the thief by the real traitor, the rival. As a result, he is banished from the house. Even though he tries to shadow the rival to find out the truth and saves his own reputation, the result for his action makes him humiliated by the rival. In addition, he is modest even over-humble in reality. He is always in powerless stage, especially the dollar bill scene. There are three people come for the lost dollar bill. After return it to the young lady and gives own dollar to the old lady, the appearance of the strange man, the protagonist gives up to hands the reminded bill to him. The man rejects and finds a wallet from the trash. In reality, he is powerless and foolish victim, so that he is always dominated by other people, for example his rival, his boss, and his girlfriend’s father. At the same time,
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