Sherman Alexe's The Mice War

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Sherman Alexie is a Native American poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, comedian, filmmaker and scriptwriter. He represents the second generation of Native American writers who have become prominent in the 1990s. He is the most recognized, prolific, and critically acclaimed author in modern Native American literature. He has been described by David Moore as "the reigning world heavyweight poetry bout champion in the second generation of Native American literary renaissance begun in the 1960s".1 Alexie was born on October 7, 1966, in the town of Wellpinit on the Spokane Indian Reservation in eastern Washington State. Alexie's father, Sherman Sr., is from the Native American tribe of Coeur d'Alene. He occasionally worked as a logger…show more content…
This attitude may be attributed to what Eduardo Duran and Bonnie Duran term the "soul wound," a wound that occurred "at a very deep psychological level" within an individual or community and "overwhelmed and destroyed the world"22 for Native American people. This "soul wound" affects the Native American’s perception of the world, causing him to view it as hostile. "The Mice War" tells that his frustration against the circumstances on reservation has erupted into an act of violence even against the mice:
We dumped six garbage cans and watched dozens of mice race for their lives across the gray sand of the reservation landfill. With shovel and broom stick, my cousin and I chased them down. I beheaded twenty-seven before I simply beat one mouse into a red puddle. The reservation had taught me to hate, so it was easy to hate the mice. I swung the shovel until my hands blistered. I killed mice because they were mice. I swung the shovel until I could barely raise my arms. I hated the reservation because it was the reservation. It was my
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He used to leave us for weeks at a time to drink/ with friends and cousins.”(OSS, 24)26 Similarly, in the prose poem entitled "A Reservation Table of the Elements," Alexie runs through a list of elements from the periodic table to refer to his father alcohol addiction: My father quit drinking by use of a simple formula. He bought beer only with the money he saved from recycling the aluminum Coors Light cans he emptied by drinking. At 19 cents a pound for recycled cans, it was the Reservation Law of Diminishing Returns. Nobody can be alcoholic and ecological at the same time. (FIOM,

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