Sherman Alexie Analysis

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Sherman Alexie employs the literal strategy of using hyperboles to exemplify the internal struggles that Zits faces as a young teenager within the foster care system, as well as to bring a sense of lightheartedness to his insecurities as a young teen in a quest to discover identity. In the novel, Alexie states, “I can’t even count the milky way on my back. There are billions and billions of of those pimple-stars. I bet I could sell the rights to name each of them. Maybe I’ll stand at a freeway exit and shout at all of those lonely commuters: Back zits for sale! Back zits for sale! Yes, you can purchase the rights to name one of my back pimples! Give it as a birthday gift! Buy one for your valentine! Name one after your clear-skinned and beautiful teenage daughter to remind her how lucky she is!” (Alexie 4).…show more content…
This quote exemplifies his insecurities because he is bringing an exaggerated amount of attention to the fact that he has acne by creating an entire advertisement for them in humor. It is an example of a hyperbole because the author overexaggerates the amount of zits that the protagonist has by comparing them to the amount of stars that exist in the milky way galaxy. The purpose of this exaggeration was to appeal to young people, which is his intended audience, by highlighting this insecurity that Zits has during his struggle to find his true self. Additionally, another example of a hyperbole within the novel, Flight, was when Zits was in the body of a young Indian boy at during Custer’s last
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