Sherman Alexie And Junior's Coping Methods

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There are many examples of how to cope a common one is just do what you love. That saying walk it off, that was made to be taken literally so that you could cope with your pain. Yet there aren’t many examples of how to, Not deal with coping. In the books, The Absolutely True Diary of A Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie, and Night, by Elie Wiesel, the main characters, Elie Wiesel, and Junior, go through a life of pain, both physical and emotional, they must cope with this pain. These coping methods can be negative or positive, can affect other people poorly and put them through more pain than they themselves go through, and efficient or not so efficient. Junior being born on the Reservation has always been poor and put down by others. He has had a horrible life with pain coming from a new direction each day but has coped with it that is why he is still alive today to write this book. Although he may or may not admit it, the ways he coped with his life were not great after all. When faced with a…show more content…
Some of the coping done by both Elie and Junior are not as effective, as in they leave the scene with the same exact amount of pain then when they entered. Junior has had this happen many times, but the one to focus on probably the funniest. Early middle of True Diary is where this takes place, Junior is starting up school again and starts it off with an algebra class with Mr. P, “Agnes Adams is my mother. MY MOTHER! … Yep, so that means I was staring at a geometry book that was at least thirty years older than I was. … that old, old, old, decrepit geometry book hit my heart with the force of a nuclear bomb” (Alexi 31), Below the quote is an image of Junior throwing a book at Mr. P to relieve his anger (paraphrasing evidence Alexi 31). One’s passion being destroyed right in front of their face can cause them a lot of pain no matter how small. That is exactly what happened to Junior, that little book broke his heart, and to cope with it, he threw it as hard as he
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