Sherman Alexie Part Time Indian Analysis

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Not only does Sherman Alexie show the true role of friendship, but he also shows that no matter where Junior is, he gets bullied by someone. He has forty-two teeth, he wears glasses, he has a major stutter and a lisp, he has a big head, and he is skinny (2-4). These are some reasons why he gets made fun of on the reservation. But, eventually he learns to stick up for himself and take action. Sherman Alexie shows this when Junior decides to go to Rearden (45-46). Junior sticks up for himself in the sense of wanting to find hope and better himself. Sherman Alexie also shows this at Reardan. Junior is the new Indian kid at a white school. He does not really fit in because kids, in particular Roger, stare at him like he does not belong (55-58). He calls Junior names and laughs at him, but eventually Junior loses it when Roger says, “Did you know that Indians are living proof that niggers fuck buffalo?” (64). Junior was so furious that he stands up for himself and knocks Roger right in his face. From that moment on, Roger respects Junior and never picks on him ever again. In fact, they become really good friends…show more content…
Given that the audience is teenagers who are struggling, it is an amazing book that promotes a relatable feel. Teenagers can find inspiration in following one’s dreams just like Junior does when he switches schools. They can find it helpful to see the true role of friendship being shown when Junior never gives up on Rowdy. Also, when Penelope and Roger find out that Junior is poor, and they don’t judge him. They can also find inspiration in Junior and his courage against everyday bullies on the reservation and at Rearden. Ultimately, Junior’s bravery in following his dreams, his true role of friendship, and his courage to sticking up to bullies can relate to a struggling teenager. Although, Junior is someone who anyone can relate
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