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Superman is usually a childhood favorite to most boys and girls. He saved lives and made the world a better place. Sherman Alexie, the author of “Superman and Me”, is similar to Superman. He “saves lives” for some Indian children who cannot read. As they refuse to read and write, Alexie relates to the children he helps, because he was in the same situations in his early childhood. Alexie has similar acts of kindness just as Superman did in his numerous amount of comic books.This is the given example of an extended metaphor that is used throughout the essay.

The narrator is similar in this evidence because he taught himself to read and this eventually helps him to become like Superman by helping children read and write. “This might be an interesting story all by itself. A
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“My father loved books, and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well” (Alexie 2). He was inspired to read by his father who owned many books. The narrator is not only like Superman in a way, but also had his dad’s knowledge by his side step by step in his childhood. Alexie’s father was an avid reader despite the fact that he was Indian. He believed that just because you are a certain race does not mean that you should be stereotyped. Everyone has the potential to read and write and “be a Superman” as long as you set goals and maintain the goals.

Alexie smashes the doors of knowledge for himself and other children.“In one panel, Superman breaks through a door” (Alexie 4). He can relate to their situations because he was once there. Alexie took indications from the picture that he was breaking down the door (because he could not read.) Today, Alexie breaks down the educational doors for young children who are encouraged to read but choose not to. He persuades them to get an education and learn to read and write because he sees potential and knows that everyone can do anything just like he
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