Sherman Alexie: The Indian Killer

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Sherman Alexie was born a water brain ( hydrocephalus ). He grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Wellpinit, Washington. He had a brain operation at six months old. They weren't expecting him to survive. He not only survived not he started writing at the age of three. When Sherman was a teenager he grew up in an alcoholic family. He wanted a better education so he left the reservation to attend a mostly white school. He attended college at the age of 18 at Gonzaga University. Sherman Alexie was in an active film. Helping to create the first all-Indian movie. He still performs his poems at poetry slams, festivals, and other venues. In all of Alexie’s poetry collections and short-stories he tries to show the poverty, despair, and alcoholism of the lives of the Native Americans living on the reservations. Sherman grew up on the Spokane Indian Reservation…show more content…
The book is called “Indian Killer” because of the way that he kills. The book really wants to send the message of anti-Native American violence and racism. “Listen,’” the detective had said.‘“I don't think there was anybody in that valley with you, but psycho bastards like the Indian Killer thrive on this kind of attention. They feed on it, breathe on it. Don't give him what he wants’”(Alexie). The quote is a detective talking about the Indian Killer and how he is a terrible person who is just killing people because he wants attention. This is just one of the many racial profiling examples that Sherman Alexie puts in his literature. Sherman Alexie ties his own experiences into all of his books, such as in this book he lives in Seattle, Washington. He also got inspired by Indians which he became close to since he grew up on the reservation. Indian Killer Impacted Native American culture because of its representation of how tragic some lives of Native Americans
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