Sherman Alexie's Literary Works As Native American Social Realism

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Sherman Alexie’s Literary Works as Native American Social Realistic

Senior Lecturer (Full-time), Department of English, IBAIS University, Bangladesh

Research Associate (Part-time), Uttara University, Bangladesh

This paper aims to look at the social realistic issues in the context of Sherman Alexie’s literary works.

Alexie is one of the postmodern authors in the United States of America. He is very popular among

his Native American society as well as community for representing social reality of his age. This

paper is divided into several sections; each section shows a benchmark of the 21st century Social

Picture of the Native Americans in the light of Alexian Literary Works. It also scrutinizes stories, and

novels with a view to highlighting a faithful picture of Native Americans in the light of everyday social

issues, including poverty, alcoholism, unhealthiness, racism, and suicidal act. Basically, the main part

of my paper deals with social problems of Native Americans in the United States of America as

depicted in Alexie’s literary works. It highlights an awareness of the Native Americans so as to keep

themselves aloof from drug addiction, poverty, depression, and psychological trauma. Here I have

also applied the critical theory of Social Realism with a view to unveiling a subtle literary affinity

with Alexie’s works. In this study, I would like to show the significance of this study,
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