Sherry Betcher Case Study

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During the past three years as Sherry Betcher’s supervisor, I have observed tremendous professional growth not only in her skill set as The Governor John Engler’s Center for Charter Schools (“Center”) Assessment Manager, but also in her mindset as a visionary leader in the utilization of assessment data at all CMU-authorized schools. Upon reviewing Sherry’s job description, I requested that she add a few items, under the “Roles and Responsibilities” that demonstrate the additional responsibilities she has taken on during the past two years. The words added are good language for a job description, but do not fully capture the magnitude of Sherry’s day-to-day work. To “manage and deliver holistic and individualized school support in the utilization of…show more content…
Over the past year, Sherry effectively mentored this employee and significantly enhanced the employee’s capacity for independent work as well as increased her productivity. Sherry’s managerial skills averted potential termination of this employee. In addition to the items above, Sherry is an excellent ambassador for Central Michigan University and demonstrates with fidelity all of the CMU institutional priorities, core values and service values. Based on an analysis provided by PayScale and research conducted online, Sherry’s current salary of $55,222 ranks her at the 46th percentile of pay compared with other individuals that have her level of education and perform similar duties at nonprofit organizations, universities and school districts. Current market salaries range from $47,536 to $69,720. Because of the aforementioned, I am requesting a review of Sherry’s current compensation and recommending a $5000. 00 raise. I look forward to discussing this request with you further to ensure we can work together to honor and keep a valued
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