Sherryl Clark's Fresh Bait

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Fresh Bait is a short story based on a murder mystery of a hitchhiker’s dead sister. Although the hitchhiker was not mentioned to be a boy or girl but based on the way they act such as the hitchhiker being scared. For example when the hitchhiker stated “I closed my eyes and tried to breathe deeply, get control” – Page 24 (Clark, 2007)I believe the hitchhiker was a girl considering if the hitchhiker was a boy then they would have acted a lot tougher as a stereotypical male. Sherryl Clark was first born in New Zealand, 1956. She first started writing for fun. She first moved to Melbourne in 1981 where she attended a creative writing class at the Footscray Women’s Learning Centre which eventually lead to moving into the area of community writing and was an active member of Victorian Writing and Publishing Officer at Footscray Community Arts Centre for 6 years. It was only in 1996 that Sherryl Clark began…show more content…
Other techniques that were used include hyperboles such as when the unknown hitchhiker also stated “If I opened my mouth it would spill out like a torrent of acid” (Page 24). The story also used the techniques of imagery where the hitchhiker described what their sister looked like “then the memory of Melanie’s grey face with the bruises around her neck and the dried blood in her hair jumped up to haunt me”. (Page 23) The writer, Sherryl Clark also used hook as she kept the reader guessing. Overall the story is very engaging to its readers, especially for those who don’t like long stories. Fresh Bait was one of the best stories that was read out of all of the Top Stories 2. Fresh Bait was enticing to read and I would recommend reading the story. It’s simple to read but continues to make the story interesting for everyone to read. Throughout the story the reader was kept in suspense and keeps the reader
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