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In this article “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” Sheryl Sandberg tries to make her approach that men are raised to be more ambitious than women. According to her, women because of insecurity and fear, don’t get that much success that actually they deserve. She urges that women have to be encouraged to believe in themselves and to have higher leadership roles. On other hand she also insisted men to support women socially as well as professionally. In this fast growing world, she believe everyone pursues same opportunity of the leadership roles in the work. In Sandberg’s view, boys and girls are treated differently from the childhood. They both are encouraged to attend school in the starting and raised with belief that they both have equal opportunity and rights. They even have same carrier opportunity after graduation. But after some time women are forced to give her attention towards their home and children. So they have to make choice between their professional life and social life. Most of the cases they choose their social life and quite their job and end their professional carrier even though they are highly trained and can contribute more in the workplace. In some cases women have to do two full time jobs, one is professional job where their carrier ask for more efforts towards work and other one…show more content…
Even in the education system the ratio of getting undergraduate and master’s degree is more for girls than boys in United States. But this ratio is not translated into higher number of women in the top position in job since they have to overcome more number of obstacle than men. Higher opportunities demand greater risk and more time which women fail to satisfy. They require more support from their male partner also. If they both balance their life and share their timing and resources equally for home and work, they both can then get their goals easily in their
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