Sheryl Sandberg TED Talk Analysis

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1- In Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk, she mentions three messages if a woman wants to stay in the workforce. What are they? a- Sit at the table, make your partner a real partner, don’t leave before you leave (CORRECT). b- Lack of emotion, commitment, perseverance. c- Let someone else take care of problems, don’t partner up with anyone, don’t make any decision.

2- According to Sheryl Sandberg, a- Men attributes their success to external factors. b- Women attributes their success to internal factors. c- Women attributes their success to external factors (CORRECT).

3- What does Sheryl Sandberg mean by women needs to sit at the table? a- Women need to negotiate, believe in themselves and own their success (CORRECT). b- Work less hard and allow men to take control. c- It’s not a woman’s role to make decision. Women need to sit and watch how others make decisions.

4- According to Madeleine Albright’s TED talk, how did she handle the situation between being a mother or a grandmother and a diplomat? a- She decided to be herself and behave in an affectionate way during negotiations. b- She believed that she had to step out of herself and be strong as her position requires her to be (CORRECT). c- She kept switching personalities during negotiations depending on the situation.

5- According to Madeleine Albright, what are the advantages of being a woman in a leadership position? a- Women are better in personal relationship and have the ability to describe situations as
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