She's Leaving Home Poem

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“She’s Leaving Home” is a poem that exemplifies the separation of two generations. The poem, told by a third person narrator, is about a girl who decides to run away from home. The girl’s parents are heartbroken as they believe that they gave their daughter everything she needed. However, the narrator reveals that the girl is actually happier away from home as the girl needed to break free from her parent’s control. The author demonstrates this opinion by utilizing a refrain, juxtaposition, and irony while trying to speak to his target audience: teenagers. The first poetic device fairly obvious to a reader is the repeated refrain throughout the poem. The actual significance of the refrain is that the daughter must leave home as she can no…show more content…
However, the author does not necessarily blame parents for being oppressive, as he writes that not even the parents in the poem knew that they denied the girl her freedom until the last refrain. The author merely wants the parents to learn this mistake and correct it because if not the youth will break free on their own. I believe that the author has a reasonable claim that parents should not force expectations onto a child if the child has its own aspirations. For example, if a parent tries to force traditional values on a more “modern” child, the child may then feel that the parents are old-fashioned, thus the parent cannot understand the child. For the author the correct course of action for the parent in such a case is for the parent to be selfless and set the child free. The author’s tone, however is grim as the daughter leaves early in the morning not wanting to confront her parents, which clearly shows that leaving home will not be easy. By writing in this tone, the author is successfully able to show parents that leaving home is part of life though it may seem selfish of the child to just get up and leave; yet by leaving home the child can define what is best for themselves. The author's overall message to the parents is if they love their child then they must set the child free; for the teenagers it is a call to stand up for themselves and make their own
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