She's So Ugly Short Story

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TSOH C1 "the slut is here!" "she 's so ugly" "she looks like a bitch uh-uh wait she is a bitch" the words that greet her whenever she enter the school gate, walks in the corridor and even when she walks to her classes. she lower her head every time she walks as if she don 't want to see everybody bashing her. A mysterious girl with a fragile heart who hide so many thing from other peoples name Ell. all students start mocking and bashing her after the story that created by her own flesh blood, her own twin sister who is older than her by 2 minutes. the story about Ell is the reason why she break up with her boyfriends, Adam who is also Ell 's ex-best friend. Ell and Adam haven 't talk to each other since Adam start dating with her sister,
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