She's The Man Vs Twelfth Night

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In the play a Twelfth Night Shakespeare writes about a girl who pretends to be a boy after being shipwrecked and thinking her brother was dead. This theme is also apparent in the movie She’s the man. Viola is a girl who pretends to be her brother so that she play soccer for another school. This movie draws in a hilarious comedy as Viola tries to room with a male while being a female. The two are fascinatedly similar but still very different. The two movies are very similar in the fact that the two females who are pretending to be boys face some difficulties. They are faced with having to do things that only males would do and are having to be less sympathetic. Viola is faced with awkward moments when she lets her feeling get ahead of her and…show more content…
The plot of the reason why they became “men” is very different. In She’s the Man Viola impersonates her twin brother because she wants to prove that she can play with the guys even though she is a girl. Her motives are more ambiguous. In the Twelfth Night Violas motive for pretending to be a guy were for her protection. She had shipwrecked in a foreign place and wanted to ensure that she was safe because she had come from a noble family. Another difference in the plot is in a Twelfth Night Viola is serving Orsino by helping him try to win the love of Olivia. In She’s the Man Viola even though she is helping Duke try to get a date with Olivia, she is trading it for him to train her in soccer. Which in return makes her a better player. Viola is helping Duke to get something in return, but the other Viola from a Twelfth Night is helping Orsino because she is in service to him. The plot of both are quit humorous to read as they each fight for what they want while they still stay in disguise. I like the movie She’s the Man more because its more relevant to our time. She fights for her right as woman and the fact that she can do the same things that men do. It is also more enjoyable to watch. I am fascinated by the fact that they could use the plot of a Twelfth Night to make the movie She’s the
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