Shi Baochang Lives Of The Nuns Analysis

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The author of Lives of the Nuns name is Shi Baochang and he constructed this article during the Tang Dynasty (618-906 CE). Shi Baochang was a Buddhist himself, his intention of writing these pieces is to spread the belief of Buddhism throughout the world. Lives of the Nuns is not the only Buddhist piece he has constructed , he has written many more to prevent the belief of Buddhism from going extinct. His theme in his writings is not to just spread the idea of the religion, but also to show the people what Buddhism really is about. Shi Baochang, writing pieces were so influential, they made the people of the empire have more of an open minded thinking of the idea Buddhism and saw it differently.
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Xu Chong a very independent and intelligent woman who wants to pursue her life in the practice of Buddhism. Xu Chong's Father and her argue how she should not be forced to marry someone because “[her] mind is concentrated on the work of religion” saying how she simply refuses to get married because she is focused on the practice of Buddhism (Baochang). At this time in day girls did not have as much power as men. Her family is very high in social status, which leads to stricter rules and how she should act. This didn't stop her from speaking up for herself in front of her parents'. She rebels against her parents rules/wishes and pursues her life in religion. She asks her father “why must I submit three times before I am considered a woman of propriety?” stating a question why women are supposed to follow orders from men and not allowed to complain or go against (Baochang). Xu Chong pursues her journey to practice Buddhism against her family's will. Then Xu Chong seeks advice from the Buddhist magician monk who told him to return home and fast for three days. Three days later he returns and the monk shows him a prophecy of a former incarnation of his daughter. After being taught and explained the ideas of Buddhism Xu father gave her his blessing/support to become a nun. Xu Chong became a nun later in her life and continued her
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