Shifting The Teacher-Learner Paradigm Analysis

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Wismath, Shelly L., “Shifting the Teacher-Learner Paradigm: Teaching for the 21st Century”, College Teaching, 61, 2013, pp. 88-89. The article, “Shifting the Teacher-Learner Paradigm: Teaching for the 21st Century”, by Shelly L. Wismath focuses on the great change in the traditional teaching methods of 21st century in the post-secondary teaching. In this article which is from College Teaching, the writer’s main point to highlight is supplying the problem-solving skills for the students to alter the traditional classroom education, which is teacher-centric, with learner-centric education. The research begins with the creating a post-secondary elective course called Liberal Education, proceeds with applying constructivist approach to shift…show more content…
They could be found dispersedly, and only when the whole article is read by the reader. So, there is no explicit order or clear definitions for the techniques and instruments. Especially, it can be said that there is no information about the instruments that she collected the data from. Did she give a survey after the applications, or interview the students verbally? Did she record the environment with the camera, or keep a journal of her own observations? These questions could have helped the reader to find the outline and the source of the data, but even if the questions are asked, there is no answer for…show more content…
The writer states that she was using this approach while applying the puzzles to acquire the problem-solving skills; however, there is no detail about this approach. It can be said that “Constructivist approaches to learning emphasize student-centered and project-based learning where students pose questions, explore multiple interpretations of meaning, and where the teacher acts as facilitator and guide.” . But, in case the reader does not know about this approach, there should have given some general information about it and the methods which are used in it. On the other hand, according to the description of the approach above, the writer literally used it in the class taking into consideration that the whole process she stated in her article is based on this learner-centric education, which was observed the shift from the teacher-centric
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