Shigeru Miyamto's Influence On The Real World

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Mario is easily one of the most recognizable video game characters in the whole world. Games that feature the friendly Italian plumber have sold over five hundred million copies worldwide. (“How Super Mario”) His memorable voice and distinct avatar are recognizable across many generations. Because of his global fame, Mario is a prime example of cultural globalization and an embodiment of fun. Shigeru Miyamoto created Super Mario. After the failure of Nintendo’s first arcade-game, “Radar Scope”, Miyamoto was hired to create an original main character to feature in the new “Donkey Kong” game. The hero was a chubby, middle-aged worker with bright clothes and a thick mustache. All he did was jump, so he was originally named “Jumpman.” The boss of Nintendo wanted a more marketable name, so he eventually named him “Mario” after his angry landlord who had a mustache as thick as Mario’s. (“How Super Mario”)…show more content…
(“How Super Mario”) In September 1985, the Family Computer was released in the U.S as the Nintendo Entertainment System and Mario’s fame quickly spread. (Turi) Since then, more than two hundred games have been produced featuring the “Jumpman.” By 1990, American kids recognized Mario more than Mickey Mouse. Throughout the 90’s, cheap knock-offs of Nintendo consoles and Mario games made in China flooded developing countries, further increasing his exposure to the world. (“How Super Mario”) Mario and his brother Luigi have even appeared in cartoons, movies, comics, and art.
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