Shil Keeagan Monologue

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So here you are, at the top of a mountain on an isolated island in the Pacific, with a camera-ready serial killer holding a machete inches from your face. Not how you thought this day would go. But what happened next was even less believable…
You suddenly have a thought of escaping. You realize what you have to do just as Phil Keagan is about to strike you.
“Stop! Can you not kill me for now? I want to be dead on a full stomach. I just need ten minutes to eat.”
Phil Keagan glances at you, overflowing with hate, but he draws back the machete. You happily sit down hoping he is hungry and open you pack. You put out all the food you have and start munching happily. Out of the corner of your eye you see Phil Keagan looking longingly at your food. You hold back a smile. You were right; Phil Keagan is hungry.
“Hey, do you want some
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As you crouch down, the ground suddenly starts to rumble. Then you hear a mechanical clacking. You look and see the helicopter standing in a little clearing, just a bit ahead-ready to use.
Then the ground rumbles again and again and again. It doesn’t stop. Then the first tree falls. You realize this is the time to run. You run towards the helicopter, taking out the obsidian rock, just in case. You hear Phil yelling behind you but his words are slurred and you know he is more and more under the influence of the crab.
You look back and stumble. The obsidian falls out of your hand and down the slope-you won’t find it. However you have to keep running. And you step into the helicopter you realize you have never driven one before. As you frantically press buttons Phil bursts into the clearing. Then suddenly the helicopter moves up.
Happy, you somehow manage to get it more up, but Phil jumps. You realize that Phil is still strong and might still kill you. Yet he is hanging, clinging to the helicopter, but you can’t step away from the
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