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Shinbone also called as tibia. Tibia is named for the Greek ‘’aulos’’ a flute that also know as tibia. Tibia is the most common fractured bone in our body and it is the second largest bone next to femur and commonly known as the strongest weight bearing bone of the body. Tibia is classified as a long bone and made out of diaphysis and epiphyses. The diaphysis is the midsection of the tibia while the epiphyses are the 2 rounded edge of the bone. The tibia gather its arterial blood supply from two sources the 1st one is Medullary or Nutrient Artery as the main source, usually come along by one or two veins and the 2nd one is Anterior tibial artery that carries the blood to the anterior compartment of the leg and back surface of the foot. Tibia is a part…show more content…
Like these bones can be broken into several pieces and it is called comminuted fracture. Sports injury like running to another player during a soccer, fall while skiing and a fall while ice skating are lower energy injuries that can cause tibial shaft fracture. These fracture are typically caused by a twisting force and result in an oblique or spiral type of fracture. The most common symptoms of tibial shaft fracture are the pain, having a hard time to walk or bear a weight on a leg occasionally loss of the feeling in the foot for treatment the doctor will consider several things like the cause of the injury, your overall health, the extent of soft tissue damaged the harshness of your injury some treatment like nonsurgical treatment may be recommended for patient who are poor surgical candidates due to their overall health problems, have closed fractures with only two major bone fragments and little displacement or a gap those who are less active. The initial treatment these treatment is for the most injuries cause of swelling for the first few weeks. The doctor may initially apply a splint to provide comfort and support. Unlike the full cast, a splint can be tightened or loosened and allows swelling to occur

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