Why Did Japan Attack Hong Kong Essay

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In 1941, the battle of Hong Kong took place when the Japanese Imperial Army attacked Hong Kong. This attack focuses on Shing Mun Redoubt, which was a defense line for the British in Hong Kong that fell to the Japanese. The reason why Shing Mun Redoubt fell is debatable, as some believe that the Japanese were simply just too strong, but other believe that it was the lack of strength in the Ally’s defense line was the cause of this fall. Both of these reasons were supported by evidence, but to come to a complete conclusion, we will have to see which of these two reasons has the most evidence.

Japan attacked Hong Kong as it was under Britain, which were their enemies, and it would be a jab to them if they lost, and the Japanese were on a train ride, with every stop being another success; after winning against China, a huge country, Hong Kong didn’t seem like a strong opponent. And since they had just attacked Pearl Harbour and taken away multiple vessels from the USA, they knew that America would have cared more about Pearl Harbour. They also knew that the land was good land to own, as it can work in many different strategic ways.
And in order to be able to collect this piece of land, the Japanese needed a large amount of soldiers. In the category of manpower, they delivered, as they sent 50,000 men, whereas the defence,
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This is because the fall of Hong Kong lead America into joining the war, ultimately aiding the Allies into winning the war, defeating both Germany and Japan. The input of America’s position made it possible for the Allies’ victory, even when they were tired out and about to lose; America gave the Allies new and fresh soldiers, and a new range of weapons, ranging from the air force, the navy, to artillery. The fall of Hong Kong also showed the cracks within the League of Nations that they had been trying to hide and put up a cover
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