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Heroism defined by Oxford University is defined as “great bravery”. Heroism defined by me personally is someone who sacrifices their own life for something, or someone. Lieutenant Shinji Takeyama a military officer who recently acquired disturbing information about his colleagues, his colleagues are going to attempt to over throw their emperor, Takeyama is faced with a moral dilemma either kill his colleagues or be killed by the emperor when he finds out that Takeyama lacked on sharing that vital information. Takeyama found a third route to take, that was to commit suicide so he doesn’t have to face his colleagues, or the emperor, still having one issue he was recently married to his wife Reiko who vowed to follow him till death “her only joy of herself entering the realm her husband had already made his own”. Takeyama is more of a hero than his wife Reiko.
Takeyama was faced with a moral dilemma more so than Reiko, he sacrificed his life so that he will not have to face his emperor, or friends but also so that he can ultimately save his wife Reiko. Takeyama heard that "There may be
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Also at the end his wife did take her life as well following Takeyama to the realm of death. Each of these three reasons he had a deep connection with each, his wife the love of life someone he thought of every wakening minute of his life. He was very loyal to his emperor, as a child you were raised being instilled that being loyal was highly respected, finally his colleagues, his colleagues were loyal to him as he was to them essentially they were a big factor in his life they would always come over as family to his home. Takeyama was in every way emotionally attached, to these people, also what I guess you can say killed him was his

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