Ship Wreck At The Bottom Of The World Analysis

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At least once in everyone’s life they experience adversity. Many of these experiences may feel impossible in the moment, but after reading two books based on true stories, I have discovered that most things are possible to overcome. This is very important because if you can’t overcome adversity in life, it is not going to go very well for you. At the moment you may not realize the importance or solution to overcoming the adversity, but eventually you’ll find a way. Adversity is found in the book “Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World.” Courageously, the characters in this book, that I read in my language arts class, encountered a situation in which their expedition ship got stuck in the significant amount of ice surrounding the Antarctic. After several months of waiting for the ice to melt, their ship brutally collapsed into the Antarctic Ocean from the moving mass of frozen water compressing it. Not only were the temperatures considerably below freezing, but constantly the ocean kept throwing frigid waves at the crew. Also, the ice floes that the crew camped out on had many dangers associated with them. Once a leopard seal came onto the…show more content…
It can happen in places such as your own life. When students are at school and have an adversity such as a learning disability they have amenities to help them do the best they can possibly do. Unfortunately, there is sometimes adversity at home in people’s lives. Such as, at times some people may have emotionally or physically abusive people in their family. These are hardships that, sadly, some people encounter every day. Even sometimes people have adversity at work. If a coworker and you have a different opinion on something and don’t quite get along that is an obstacle that may be difficult to overcome but not impossible. Another situation where adversity is experienced is in sports. Some people get temporary or permanent injuries, both can be overcome but not
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