Process Of Shipbuilding

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The process of building ship The process of building a ship is a large-piece, one of a kind production industry the value chain of which is broken down into Engineering-to-order process, development and design process, and management process encompassing management of production, material and equipment. A number of shipbuilding projects are carried out simultaneously each of which comprises multiple processes including design, purchase and sales that are operated concurrently over 20 month period. The process of producing ships and keeping the production schedule in a modern yard is essential for its efficiency and profitability. Through this process there are a few milestones example steel cutting, keel-laying, launching & delivery. Many times…show more content…
It is prior to processing of operations the steel is surface-treated to prevent corrosion. Steel surface treatments are using special paints. The first coating system applied to raw steel sheets and parts is generally preconstruction primer, which is sometimes refereed to as “shop primer”. This coat is important for maintaining the condition of the part throughout the construction process. Shop primer has two important functions which are preserving the steel material for the final product and aiding in the productivity of process building a ship. Zinc coating systems protect coatings in much the same manner as galvanizing. Then, the process of building a ship is cutting steel. Steel plates are being cut into the parts that will form to the hull and deck sections of the ship. The process of heating and bending a steel plate into curved shapes is of great importance in shipbuilding and requires sophisticated skill and technique. Normally second payment will take place at this stage. The steel plate is cut by automatic burners to the desired…show more content…
When all the blocks are mounted and jointed, launching is the next stage. While the launching at a dock simply means filling the dock with water to float the ship, the launching form a building berth is a very impressive and exciting sight to see since the ship slides its way majestically into the sea. This is one of the most thrilling moments for all involved with the shipbuilding process. In term of launching, actually is the fourth payment take place during this term. Then the process of building a ship is sea trial. At sea trial the ship and ship equipment performance is tested and the result is kept as a performance record of the vessel. The ship’s performance will confirmed by sea trial. It will test of each system effectively and efficiently. Sea trial Last but not least, the last process of building a ship is a naming and delivery ceremony. A new ship is born. After the delivery ceremony, the captain, chief engineer and crew embark for the ship’s maiden voyage. After completion of all construction procedures, the ship is delivered to the owner. In term of naming and delivery also is final payment at
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