Shipping Time Case Study

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Case Study (C) Shipping time in the standard operation of a manufacturing company, it should be taken into consideration to allow a buffer time for shipments of products. Shipped performance can be measured by on time shipment. On time shipments is the percentage of orders shipped at the promised time. The time defined by the customer, or it may be determined by the company in order to accommodate an on time delivery. Most of the customers are always looked disappointed about the slower shipping times that make by the manufacturing company, but when there are standard delivery times establish by whatever product types that are being shipped the expectation by the consumer and manufacturer will be less stressful for all. By establishing a cushion for delivery times, the planning and scheduling becomes an easier task to handle. In this case, the delivery date is determined by the agreement of both production manager and customer in order to increase the percentage of order shipped on time. This performance measure shows that the promising to a shipment date is a key part of processing a customer sales order. The customer must agree to the promised ship date before an order is accepted. After that time, a manufacturer is responsible for shipping on the promised date. That is the production manager should be responsible to make…show more content…
As production managers, they are always looking for ways to inspire productivity, and having some built-in inspiration to reach the demand of the customer. When all orders have to ship every day, every worker in the warehouse understands that they need to work hard to produce more according the orders until the orders are get ready for shipment. Thus, the increasing in the productivity can lead the orders deliver on time since the orders are completed and prepared to ship to the customers and to prevent any late

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