Shirakawa's Isolation

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But, likely the way the Chinese Jarzabek 4 prostitute dealt with it was that she got help from someone who spoke her language and she communicated to them on what had happened. Maris’ sister Eri is another character in the book After Dark that isolates herself from reality. For example, the room on the other side of the television that Eri is transported to where she cannot escape. This can represent the deep sleep that plagues her as she isolates herself from the “flesh-and-blood world” which houses her problems, including her inability to connect with her sister (Murakami, 109). Eri is in this deep sleep because she wants to escape her problems, she doesn’t want to be the sister that has the beauty and she wants to be…show more content…
Meaning that he does not want to admit to the fact that he had done something bad to someone else. It states, “All the time he inspects the items from the bag, Shirakawa wears an expression as if to say, how did these things get here? His look is one of puzzlement, with a hint of displeasure. Of course he remembers perfectly well what he did in a room at the Alphaville. Even if he tried to forget, the pain in his right hand would keep reminding him. Still, nothing here strikes his eye as having any valid meaning. It’s all worthless,” (Murakami, 164). This shows that whatever Shirakawa had done that night, he wants to forget about it and he does. He looks at the images that he had token from the prostitute and does not know where it came from and why is it here. Those items to them will never have any meanings to him and he will pretend that he did nothing wrong just stayed in his office working. Shirakawa also isolates himself from his family, “Soon his family will be getting up, he wants to be asleep by then for sure,” (Murakami, 213). Shirakawa wants to forget the past on what he had done to the girl because he does not want to face the consequences of this actions, so he is isolating himself from those thoughts. In the book After Dark, all these characters isolate themselves in similar and different reasons. Mainly, they isolated themselves due to how the society is presenting themselves to them, having family issues, isolating themselves from their actions, and lack of commination. Shirakawa had isolated his actions based on what he had done to the prostitute, he does not want to rethink that moment of his life. Also, the characters Mari and her sister Eri Asai are
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