Shirley Caesar Accomplishments

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The world has seen many talented singers and composers throughout history. Some have had much success, some limited success, and others no success. Shirley Caesar as a gospel artists has merited success in her career because of her love for God, her passion for music, and her hard work, commitment, and dedication in pursuing her dream as an artist. Today she has become a musical legend that will be a part of the world’s legacy.
According to, “Shirley Caesar is a famous gospel singer whose singing career started in church at an early age as she sang with her family. Caesar also started preaching and evangelizing, and subsequently became the co-pastor of Mt Calvary Holy Church in Winston-Salem in North Carolina with her husband, Bishop Harold Ivory Williams. It is reported that, Caesar has recorded more than 30 albums, done four Broadway shows, and gave more than 150 concerts per year. The article also stated that as of 1998, Caesar had earned nine
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The article attested that “gospel music enthusiasts often compared her to the singer Mahalia Jackson, the “Grand Dane of Gospel”. Caesar was also quoted as saying to Ebony Magazine, “America will never outgrow its need for gospel music because it will never outgrow its need for God”.
As reported by encyclopedia website, in a 1998 interview with USA Today Caesar commented that “Gospel music teaches us to love, respect, to uphold. It may speak of hell, damnation and fire, but it also speaks of the bright side, the Lord is faithful, and he is loving, kind and forgiving”. She stated that “you won’t find it in any other songs, that no matter where you have fallen, the grace of God will pick you up, and that Gospel music will tell you when you pray, God
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