Shirley Chisholm We Are Too Right Analysis

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We are Humans too, Right? For decades, women have been discriminated against due to limited job opportunities, low wages, and minimal acceptance to colleges. As an educated congress woman Shirley Chisholm was motivated to make changes in discrimination against women. In the early 1950’s Chisholm was accepted to Brooklyn College, New York, studied education then transferred to Columbia University for her master’s in Elementary Education; A few years later, she also served resolving issues regarding the Vietnam War, the National Organization for Women, the Bureau of Child Welfare. Establishing a feminist point in her career, Chisholm became an active member of Bedford- Stuyvesant Political League and League of Women’s Voters, then joined Brooklyn’s Democratic Party Establishment also known as the turning point (“Shirley Anita Chisholm”). In 1964, her activism won her a seat New York General Assembly leading to her eventual election as Congress Women in 1968. After two years as Congress Woman Chisholm gave a speech called “For the Equal Rights Amendment” August 1970 at the U.S House of Representatives with the intention to pass the law for equal rights. Women did not deserve to be discriminated against considering the reasoning for it is unclear. While men were able to…show more content…
They were allowed minimal hours at a minimal wage, making it a challenge to support not only themselves but their children as well. Women desire to support their loved ones, is struggle after struggle the way to raise the next generation? When promoting women’s rights the speech and era encouraged women to show support by rallying, petitioning, marching, and lobbying (“The Equal Rights Amendment: Unfinished Business for the
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