Shirley Jackson Relationships

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How Do Relationships Define Us?

Relationships will represent us. It can interpret us either in a good or bad way. Connections we had or have with others may lead us to be how we are afterwards or including during that relationship with our significant others. In Etgar Keret’s, “What of the Goldfish Would You Wish For?,” Shirley Jackson’s, “The Lottery,” and “Without Title,” by Diane Glancy, demonstrates how relationships with others can define us. Depending on our past relationships, it may affect our future ones with others, including the relationship we have with ourselves. In “What of the Goldfish Would You Wish For?,” by Etgar Keret, Sergei was broken and no longer had trust towards anyone. Trust issues increased, but him opening up to people didn’t. This made him very closed minded, not wanting to open up to anyone. Talking to people was already an issue for him, he misunderstood things and took it as if they would want to take advantage. He no longer had a relation with nobody but his magical talking goldfish. That was his company, his friend, his family. This made Sergei make a big deal about losing his fish. When Sergei misinterpreted Yonatan by thinking that he would steal
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What I mean by that is that eventually the happiness with each other would end. Mrs. Hutchinson, the unfortunate woman who was chosen to murder with stones and pebbles was good friends with Mr. Summer, had a good relationship to the village, and was close to her family, yet still was punished by everyone she thought she knew. On line 320, it mentions how Mrs. Hutchinson’s own son follows the rest of the people do towards her mother. “The children had stones already, and gave little Davy a few pebbles.” This could be easily related with a person who I believed was along the rest of the people and left my side. She turned her back towards me in my hard times, I was betrayed as well as Mrs.
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