Shirley Jackson's Motivation For The Homeless

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Jackson has no type of motivation to have a better life or to get his grandmother regalia back. Before Jackson became homeless he was once a college student for two semesters, had many of blue-collar jobs, married and had a couple of kids. Jackson lived an average life and left everything to become homeless. Jackson prefers to be a homeless person where he expects everything to be given to him in his hands without having to work hard for anything. For example, “ ‘Can you led me some money?’ ‘I can’t do that,’ he said. ‘If I lend you money, I have to lend money to everybody.’….‘I’ll give you fifty papers for free. But don’t tell anybody I did it.’…. I sold five in one hour, dumped the other forty-five in a garbage can, and walked into McDonald’s, order four cheeseburgers” (Alexie 15).…show more content…
The big boss was generous enough to give Jackson the newspapers for free this shows how unmotivated Jackson is to make money. Jackson doesn’t really care about his grandmother regalia because if he did he would be so motivated to do whatever it takes to make money. Therefore he would of clean bathrooms, sell newspapers, or clean dishes at a restaurant but, Jackson just wants everything to be giving to him in his hands without him having to work for anything. Jackson could of made a decent amount of money if he wasn’t taking advantage of people generosity, lacking motivation or a spendthrift. There are no excuses to why Jackson couldn’t give the pawnbroker some money than nothing at all. Jackson didn’t really care about his grandmother regalia as he said he did because if you really want something your always going be motivated to work hard to get anything you
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