Hill House As A Haunted House

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INTRODUCTION You can’t just jump into your bed while reading a book. There are no special effects or actors wearing that creepy makeup to scare the hell out of you. You can leave a book aside for some days but still it has the power to hold you up in its terror that no movie can match.
Shirley Jackson was born in San Francisco on December 14, 1916. She spent her childhood in California, where she started writing poetry and short stories as a teenager. Her family shifted to East when she was seventeen years of age and attended the University of Rochester. In the year 1936, she left the university and expended a year at her house practicing writing.
She went to Syracuse University in 1937,
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All the articles on Google only point towards the scariness of the Hill House and not the beauty. The people who came to stay at the Hill House only experienced the dark side of it and because of that they did not look on the attractiveness of it. The walls, the rooms, the corridor, the nursery everything was neglected only because of the irk of the place RESEARCH OBJECTIVE No horror novel is complete without a haunted house and the lore that comes with it. ‘The Haunting of the Hill House’ is no exception. My main objective of this research is to find the secrets and the beauty that comes with big house which is only popular because of its scary image.
RESEARCH PROBLEM There are quite a few problems that I faced during my research. There isn’t any article appreciating the beauty of the Hill House. There were only information about the characters and the summary. So it was quite a tough job for me to extract out some information on the
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Covered from hills it seems wonderful to look at it. Eleanor and Theodora went to see the brook on the first day they came to the Hill House. It was like a good old- fashioned picnic for them.
Hill House was built eighty years ago by a man named Hugh Crain. It was a luxurious house but unfortunately his wife dead minutes before she was to set her eyes on Hill House. He married again, twice. The second Mrs. Crain died of a fall in the house and the third Mrs. Crain died of what they call consumption in Europe. Hugh then decided to close the house and his two daughters were sent to live in the town. Hugh Crain then died somewhere in Europe. After his death there started a quarrel between young sisters for the house. The house went to the elder one and out of jealousy they younger sister stole her sister beau and married him. The older Miss. Crain started living in the house and later hired a village companion as a caretaker but later Miss. Crain died of pneumonia which gave the house to the caretaker but she soon killed
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