Shirley Jackson's The Haunting Of The Hill House

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HILL HOUSE AS A FAIRYLAND OF BEAUTY AND SECRETS INTRODUCTION You can’t just jump into your bed while reading a book. There are no special effects or actors wearing that creepy makeup to scare the hell out of you. You can leave a book aside for some days but still it has the power to hold you up in its terror that no movie can match. Shirley Jackson was born in San Francisco on December 14, 1916. She spent her childhood in California, where she started writing poetry and short stories as a teenager. Her family shifted to East when she was seventeen years of age and attended the University of Rochester. In the year 1936, she left the university and expended a year at her house practicing writing. She went to Syracuse University in 1937, where she published her first story, “Janice”, and later employed as the fiction editor of the campus humor magazine. She won a poetry contest at the university and found her future husband who was a young aspiring literary critic. She used to write everyday and started having her short stories published in many magazines. ‘The Haunting of the Hill House was published in 1959 and is considered as one of the best novels of Shirley Jackson. It is regarded as “quintessential haunted house tale”. It has been finalized for National Book Award and is considered to be one of the best literary ghost stories of 20th century. It has been adapted to film twice, first in the year 1963 and then again in 1999 both under the same title ‘The Haunting’.
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