Shirley Temple In 'The Little Princess'

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Shirley Temple Shirley Temple was a light to America during one of the country’s darkest times. She was everyone’s favorite little actress, singer, and dancer. From childhood to a grown woman, she has impacted others in a way like no other with her various talents and wonderful personality. It is a wonder to think what this captivating little actress could not do. Shirley Temple’s performance in The Little Princess showed hope and determination for America. The viewers see a persevering girl who does not believe her father has died due to the war. She is relentless and her hard work is payed off when she finds her father in the hospital after an emotional scene. In her dance scene in The Littlest Rebel with Bill Robinson it is evident she does not care about who she is seen with. During the 1930s one of America’s greatest dilemmas was segregation and racial dispute. This scene…show more content…
Comparing her to modern day little actresses she had a lot more personality and fun both in her normal and acting life. She saw her work as entertaining and saw it as a window of opportunity to meet new people. Many girls today are concerned about their appearance, who they are with, and how much money they are receiving. Shirley Temple’s care-free spirit gave her something to look forward to everyday and she entered every day with positive energy, something many people long to have. Shirley Temple loved her life and she brought hope and happiness into the lives all across America. During a time period of hardship and misery it was pleasing to see happiness on the face of a child. Her impact brought encouragement, her various talents delivered entertainment and liveliness, her optimistic personality gave exhilaration and laughter. Her nickname was ‘Little Miss Miracle’ and that might as well have been what she was, a
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