Shiseido Case Study

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Shiseido was the first western-style medical store established in Japan. It also the fourth major cosmetics company in the world started by Yushin Fukuhara. In 1888, Shiseido had released the first toothpaste which called Fukuhara Sanitary Toothpaste to replace the old version tooth powder that very harmful for the teeth. After 9 years of effort, it succeeds spreads into cosmetics industry with Eudermine, which is made from Greek, meaning good and skin. The objective of Shiseido company was a target in selling cosmetics and skin care products. Over the years, Shiseido kept enhancing the high image, high service, and high quality to maintain their fame and popularity. It also seeking always to find a new value for the products. Until now, it was over 140 years’ history for Shiseido company and the latest ones are Medium-to-Long-Term Management Strategy for “Vision 2020” in the three-year plan which from Fiscal 2015 to Fiscal 2017.
Based on the case study state that, the best positioning strategy for Japan cosmetics company, Shiseido are both High Touch and High Tech enlarges in Asia. Refer to the lecture note, there is three useful positioning strategy for global marketing which are Foreign Consumer Culture Positioning (FCCP), Global Consumer Culture Positioning (GCCP) and Local Consumer Culture Positioning (LCCP). Out of these three positioning strategies, GCCP is the greatest one for Japan cosmetics company, Shiseido since the brand as a symbol have to recognized

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