Shitfaced Shakespeare: Play Analysis

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Shitfaced Shakespeare a Midsummer night 's dream has been one of the funniest plays! I had a great time, I was laughing all time long. Everything was super funny. I was also able to understand the Shakespearean language and maybe that 's also why I had a great time. I thought it was hard to understand at first but it eventually got easier and the play became super funny. This play was filled with action everywhere.
The lightning was set up really good because I was able to see everything that was going on and it all looked great. There were many lights in the venue and that was good because you were able to see everything more clear. I was able to really put attention to what was going on. The disco ball wouldn 't distract me, I continued
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The scenery was weird when I first came in maybe because I wasn 't expecting to see boobs been drawn on trees and also penis on trees. Everything went well with what was going on in the stage. The outside venue was nice not like some others I 've been to. The play was interesting and really funny, well the actors made it funny. The actors would interact with the audience. For example at the beginning of the play there was a lady who was in charge of the drunk person. She handed out a violin and another instrument. She handed them out to two people those two people could only play them twice. Every Time someone would play them the lady would give the drunk person another drink.
The story in overall was Shakespeare a midsummer night 's dream but they gave a little twist. They would get an actor or actress really drunk before the show. The actor would continue to drink all throughout the show until they can 't take it anymore. They even had a basket in the ground just in case the drunk person decided to throw up. I thought the story was super funny in overall because the secret spell they put on the girls and they ended up kissing each other instead of staying with the guys. The girl seemed like she was faking she was drunk. It didn 't really seem real that she was drunk mostly because the way she was acting. It just seemed that she was getting to the point but she wasn 't really drunk. One thing that was super funny was the fact that she didn 't like her hat she had to

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