Shiv K. Kumar's Letter-Day Psalm As Postmodern Indian English Literature

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After 1980s, India realized itself as a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual nation and literature in India after 1980 is described as Postmodern Indian English Literature. It was Nissim Ezekiel who gave Indian English poetry a postmodern aspect and approach with his Letter- Day Psalm(1982). After that a number of poets came to bear that flagship and Shiv k. Kumar was one of them. His contribution bears the stamp of his learning and scholarship. His poetry gave a new shape, a new direction with his various themes like national and cultural heritage, irony, pastiche, hybridity, contemporary reality and situation, human relationship and emotion. Actually Kumar engaged himself to open up new possibilities and a new…show more content…
The littlum calf, gravitating on its tottering lags To the mother’s udders And the undiapered babe, thumped And thrased into primal consciousness.” (Cleansing Ganga)

In his ‘The Taj’, he at a time praised the world class beauty of the Taj Mahal and at the same time he is disappointed with the ongoing time and decay:

“Fissures in its rectum now a renovator’s nightmare. How long can it withstand The riverbed’s lethal teeth?” (The Taj)

In making a simple scene to an extraordinary one, Kumar is Unsurpassable. In his ‘A Letter to My Son’, he portrays the climate, surrounding of hyderbad with all its extremes: “But, here in Hyderabad, I have drawn the curtains To dodge the sun’s sanguine eye Glowering in its lethal anger.” (A Letter to My

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