Shiva Parvati Compare And Contrast

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After reading Shiva Parvati, I came to the conclusion that the comic had many similarities to the Bible. Firstly, there is a prophecy given by Brahma that Shiva and Parvati will have a son who will defeat Taraka, comparable to when there was a prophecy of Jesus being the son of God and dying for our sins to save us all. It is almost as if the son of Shiva is Jesus in the comic. Parvati is similar to Jesus, She is tested by a hermit to give up her devotion to shiva however, she is against it and keeps faithful to her god. Jesus stays devoted to his beliefs when he is tested by Satan or non-believers therefore, both are similar in this aspect. In society today and our generation, it is usually the man who seeks the woman. Just as it was brought
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